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Meet a MAM Kid

Meet a MAM Kid
September 29, 2016

Meet a #MAMkid – Versayda

            Versayda is in the 12th grade and is attaining her education through Pathways in Education, an independent study program. Versayda began participating in activities at the Memphis Grizzlies Center in middle school. Typical of many middle schoolers, Versayda says she was rude, disrespectful and…
Meet a MAM Kid
September 19, 2016

Meet a #MAMkid – Keith

  Keith Goins is in the 11th grade at Hamilton High School and has been attending the MAM Grizzlies Center for the past three years. From an early age, Keith remembers hearing stories of his dad being a wonderful basketball player with great dreams to make it in the NBA.…
Meet a MAM Kid
September 8, 2016

Meet a #MAMkid – Akya

Meet Akya!  Akya is a 4th grader at Goodlett Elementary School and has been attending MAM Olivet for 4 years.  Akya’s favorite classes are Math and P.E.  Akya absolutely loves playing basketball and hopes to play ball in college one day!  During her time at MAM, Akya loves to play…
Meet a MAM Kid
August 22, 2016

Meet a #MAMkid – Peach

Meet Angela “Peach” Maxwell.  18-year-old Peach began attending MAM St. Andrew when she was just 6 years old!  At this young age, Peach met Coach Ernie and it did not take long for their bond to form.  Coach Ernie took Peach, and her two brothers, under his wing and has…
Meet a MAM Kid
August 8, 2016

Meet a #MAMkid – Curry

Curry, age 11, starts sixth grade today. And after school, he will be at MAM Magnolia bouncing a basketball, honing his skills for his new middle school team. Since first grade, Curry has been coming to MAM Magnolia. “I like my Youth Leadership Team. My coach really cares about all…
Meet a MAM Kid
July 11, 2016

Meet a #MAMkid – Daisa

Daisa is eight years old and will be in third grade at Rozelle Elementary. This is her first year to go to summer camp at MAM Magnolia. She likes making new friends and learning things like she does at school. Daisa’s favorite color is blue; her favorite food is salad;…
Meet a MAM Kid
June 20, 2016

Meet a #MAMkid – Waylan

Waylan, age 15, loves to go to camp. Having been active at MAM Bethel for several years, he has spent a week at Victory Ranch and Kids Across America. This week he is attending camp at Kids Across America outside Branson, Missouri for the second time. Waylan says he loves…
Meet a MAM Kid
June 6, 2016

Meet a #MAMkid – Demario

Demario, 18, is a May high school graduate of Sheffield High School.  He will attend Southwest TN Community College this fall. Demario loves to play basketball.  He has been hooping at MAM Olivet since sixth grade, played on his high school basketball team and is now volunteering at MAM Olivet,…
Meet a MAM Kid
May 23, 2016

Meet a #MAMkid – Carlisha

Carlisha moved to Memphis from Marion, Arkansas this spring and is a freshman at Hamilton High School. She has been attending MAM for only two months and has found it a great place to make new friends.  She says living in the city is different,  but MAM has made the…
Meet a MAM Kid
May 9, 2016

Meet a #MAMkid – Deja

Deja is in the 9th grade at Manasas High School, and has been attending MAM Greenlaw for the last two years.  While at MAM, she loves being around Mrs. April, playing Phase 10 and learning Bible scriptures. When describing her admiration of Mrs. April, Deja said she is “basically like…