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“What is MAM doing during the pandemic?” Almost every person I encounter is asking that question in some form or fashion. It is a great question to ask, and I am always glad when they ask me. The answer is simple: We are doing what we have always done. MAM is coaching, growing, and leading youth in Memphis to help them discover their identity in Christ and their purpose in the community. However, our ways to get that done have obviously changed.

Currently, MAM is serving Memphis in the most practical way we know how, as virtual learning centers for almost 250 students during the school day. Every day our staff is working hard to make sure kids are logged into their various learning portals and are ready for the school day. We fix audio issues, double check connectivity, and assist with schoolwork. Our staff is also making sure students stay active. During class breaks and after school, we are completing physical fitness challenges and engaging students with socially distanced activities. We know how important exercise and physical activity are to our students.

We are also continuing to do what MAM does best, which is engaging students in deep personal relationships to get an opportunity to share the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. Sharing the gospel has always been the mission and will always be the mission of MAM.  Once the school day ends, we get the opportunity to sit down face to face (with masks on) and remind our students how much they are loved and cared for by God. We get to invest not only in their education or physical activity, but we also get to invest into their souls. The gospel of Jesus Christ is what will change hearts, which in turn, will change lives for eternity and restore hope to our communities.

Jonathan Torres

MAM Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer

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