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As Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM) celebrates its 25th year of ministry, we are honored to share 25 stories of impact, from current students, alumni, parents, coaches, volunteers, donors, and community partners. Meet Tim Williams, a former staff member and volunteer whose journey embodies the spirit of MAM’s mission.

Tim, a Chicago native, grew up in a bustling household as the youngest of seven siblings. Despite the challenges of his upbringing, including the loss of his oldest sister at a young age, Tim found solace and purpose through sports, particularly baseball. 

In 2015, Tim’s path intersected with Memphis Athletic Ministries. Introduced to MAM through a conversation with someone at his gym, Tim recognized an opportunity to align his passion for impacting youth with a purpose-driven organization. He was drawn to MAM’s mission of making a lasting difference in the lives of Memphis youth, especially those in the North Memphis area.

During his time at MAM, Tim would occasionally provide free hair cuts.

During his tenure at MAM, Tim held various positions, each contributing to his personal and professional growth. From being a part-time teacher to serving as an Up2Us coach and later an associate youth coordinator (AYC), Tim immersed himself in the organization’s mission. One of the most transformative experiences for Tim was his involvement in the AYC Program. Designed to better equip MAM employees for full-time youth ministry, associate youth coordinators attend weekly training classes in addition to working with youth at a MAM gym. Through this program, he gained a deeper understanding of his “why” and the power of intentional training.

Throughout his time at MAM, Tim witnessed firsthand the impact of the organization on youth. By providing free extracurricular activities and creating a supportive environment, MAM became a vital resource for countless young individuals. Tim emphasizes the importance of MAM’s role in bridging the gap and providing positive avenues for youth, ultimately contributing to a better Memphis.

Tim leads daily devotional where students hear a short message from the Bible.

Even after his tenure as a staff member, Tim’s commitment to MAM persisted as a volunteer. His desire to stay involved stemmed from a deep sense of purpose and the opportunity to continue impacting the lives of Memphis youth. Tim’s journey is a testament to the enduring impact of MAM and the transformative power of faith, community, and purpose-driven work. As Tim transitioned into his current role as an education assistant and head baseball coach at Bolton High School, he carried with him invaluable lessons learned at MAM, and he continues to coach, grow, and lead the youth of Memphis.Join us in celebrating the 25th anniversary of Memphis Athletic Ministries by becoming a monthly donor, or a MAM MVP. For just $25 a month, you can help us continue to provide a safe and nurturing environment for youth to experience Gospel-centered sports and afterschool programming. Your monthly donation will make a significant impact on our ministry, allowing us to provide even more opportunities to coach, grow, and lead the youth of Memphis. Click the image above to give $25 for 25.

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