MAM has recently opened a new center in zip code 38127 located in MLK College Preparatory High School. Ernie Prude, who has worked with our youth since 2011, is the Neighborhood Director.

This new location gives 575 students, grades 9-12 at MLK Prep, and 310 students, grades 6-8 at Westside Middle School, access to mentoring through sports.

Within a 20-minute walk of MLK Prep:

  • There are 2,341 households with a population of 6,972.
  • 98.3% of the population is African American.
  • The average household income is $35,009 and the median is $25,130.
  • 870 (37.2%) of the households in the area have a child 18 and under.
  • Of these 870 households, 677 (78%) are single-mother households.

We believe that God is leading our efforts to serve this community. We have received much support from community leaders, pastors, and school principals.

Our prayer is that the presence of MAM will better Frayser by being a stabilizing force for youth in that community. We are praying that the infusion of mentors and organized sports as well as Bible studies, homework help, and career readiness training will produce responsible adults who positively impact Frayser for years to come.

Please join us in praying for Ernie and the Frayser staff as they begin to coach, grow, and lead at MLK Prep.

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