Mary was born and raised in Memphis. Although she was “drug” to church every Sunday, she remembers accepting Christ at a young age. As she got older and more involved at her church, Mary could feel her relationship with the Lord growing stronger. Her faith was tested when she became the caregiver of both of her parents. Her father had multiple surgeries on his back, leaving him unable to accomplish daily tasks. Mary walked alongside him in this difficult time until his passing. Shortly after her father passed away, Mary’s mother develop dementia. Mary once again stepped in and became the caregiver until her passing. This was without a doubt the most difficult thing Mary has gone through. She is grateful that the Lord gave her the physical and emotional strength to take care of her parents.

Mary has always had a passion for youth, and she knew she would make a career out of her passion. She began working as a part-time teacher at MAM St. Andrew in 2017. She transitioned to MAM Greenlaw in May 2018 and now serves as a full-time Youth Coordinator there. Her favorite part about working at MAM is spending time with the kids and teaching Bible studies. Mary recalls the students not being interested in Bible study initially; however, now almost everyday a students asks her, “Coach Mary, are we going to have Bible study today?” This eagerness to learn about God fills her with joy.

Although this was her first year, Mary really enjoys coaching the girls’ volleyball team. The young team struggled throughout the year, and their only win came in the playoffs. Kids and coaches jumped for joy as they celebrated their first win together. This was Mary’s most memorable moment at MAM, so far. She is looking forward to coaching again this fall!

“Working at MAM has really strengthened my relationship with the Lord,” Mary says. The students at MAM Greenlaw come to her with a lot of questions, and sometimes she has to research or speak with her pastor in order to get an appropriate answer. She wants to make sure the students have a clear understanding. Because of this, she feels motivated to spend more time in the Word.

When Mary is not ministering to students at MAM Greenlaw, she is spending time with her husband, son, and three grandchildren or serving as a musician and Sunday school teacher at Shiloh Baptist Church.

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