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Tread Thompson, MAM Board Member, Chooses Memphis

By February 5, 2014February 6th, 2014No Comments
Tread Thompson
Tread Thompson

I Choose Memphis: Tread Thompson

Special to The Daily News, January 20, 2014

“I Choose Memphis” spotlights Memphians who are passionate about calling this community home. New Memphis Institute provides the profiles.

Job title and company: Financial Analyst, Mercer Capital

Length of time living in Memphis: 30 years, with stops in Nashville for college and Birmingham for first job

Life history: I grew up in Memphis the youngest of three brothers and family has been a tremendous source of support all my life. I moved back here in 2008 and shortly thereafter, had the great fortune of getting married to my wife, Chancey. We recently welcomed our first child and are having a blast getting to know him. Pivotal experiences since moving back have been coaching basketball through Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM) and going back to school to do accounting coursework at Rhodes College. I am grateful to be in a city that has organizations like MAM and Rhodes that help us serve God, serve others and develop the gifts that we have toward those ends.

What current local initiative excites you most? Mentoring – it had a major impact on me growing up and is such a natural way to help address these big community challenges of poverty, jobs and education.

What do you like most about your job? I really enjoy studying industries and businesses. I also enjoy the challenge of applying a number of different disciplines (finance, accounting, etc.) as well as just plain common sense to arrive at a value for a company.

What is your favorite local restaurant? Boscos is our go-to and Felicia Suzanne’s for a special night.

Favorite “secret” place or hidden gem in Memphis? Elmwood Cemetery – my grandfather used to run a business located just outside the property, and he and much of my family are buried there. I love remembering them and also enjoy the beauty of the grounds.

Where is your favorite place to go to listen to music? Levitt Shell for sure. It’s a great venue, and the concerts are like a Tigers or Grizzlies game in the way they bring out the whole community.


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