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As Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM) celebrates its remarkable 25th year of ministry, we are honored to share 25 stories of impact, from current students, alumni, parents, coaches, volunteers, donors, and community partners. We are privileged to share the story of Eddie Batey, a dedicated volunteer whose passion for education and mentoring is making a profound impact on young lives.

Eddie’s story is one of a lifelong commitment to education and community. For four decades, he served as a teacher, coach, and school counselor in Memphis, dedicating his life to shaping the minds and hearts of young people.

Eddie’s journey with MAM began long before he officially joined the ranks of volunteers. He recalls knowing Larry Lloyd and Gib Vestal back in the day when MAM was founded. Their vision of creating a safe and nurturing environment for young people in Memphis left a lasting impression on him. His church, Germantown Presbyterian Church, has partnered with MAM for many years, encouraging their congregants to get involved in the afterschool program. Volunteers are paired up with elementary youth and devote their time to literacy, practicing sight words and reading aloud to each other.Eddie has been volunteering at MAM for approximately six months. When asked about his favorite aspect of volunteering, he spoke passionately about his relationship with Michael, a second-grade student attending MAM Olivet. Eddie is not only helping Michael improve his reading and math skills, but he’s also building a genuine connection with him. Michael’s love for basketball has provided a unique avenue for their bond, as Eddie often stays after tutoring to shoot hoops with the young student.

For Eddie, the most rewarding part of volunteering at MAM is witnessing Michael’s development and the continuous building of their relationship. He strongly believes that it’s not just about academic progress; it’s about building character and instilling confidence in their young minds. It’s clear that Eddie not only teaches but also learns from the experience, growing as a mentor and a person.

In his time at MAM, Eddie has learned valuable lessons. He admires the coaches at MAM for their giftedness, dedication, and patience. He sees the staff members as excellent role models and effective mediators in the lives of the students. The students thrive in the supportive atmosphere created by MAM and its staff.

Eddie emphasizes that the work of MAM extends far beyond the academic realm. The encouragement and respect given to each youth participant reinforces the truth of God’s love and their inherent worth. Through sports, education, and a strong sense of community, MAM is actively shaping a better Memphis. He believes MAM fills a vital gap in the Memphis community by providing a secure place for after-school activities, reinforcing learning, sharing God’s love, and teaching discipleship. These services are crucial in building a brighter future for Memphis’s youth. In a city with numerous nonprofits, MAM stands out to Eddie because of the sheer number of youth served on a consistent basis. This wide-reaching impact is a testament to the organization’s effectiveness.

Eddie’s message to others is clear: get involved with MAM. The relationships you can develop with both staff and students are genuine, and the potential to change a child’s future is immeasurable. 

Eddie Batey’s dedication to education, mentorship, and fostering genuine connections with young people is a shining example of the impact that one person can have on a community. As MAM looks ahead to the next 25 years, it’s clear that volunteers like Eddie will continue to be the driving force behind positive change in Memphis.Join us in celebrating the 25th anniversary of Memphis Athletic Ministries by becoming a monthly donor, or a MAM MVP. For just $25 a month, you can help us continue to provide a safe and nurturing environment for youth to experience Gospel-centered sports and afterschool programming. Your monthly donation will make a significant impact on our ministry, allowing us to provide even more opportunities to coach, grow, and lead the youth of Memphis. Click the image above to give $25 for 25.

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