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Throughout the pandemic, MAM has searched for ways to keep youth and coaches safe while emphasizing the importance of physical fitness. The fitness challenge gives youth daily physical fitness exercises to complete (such as push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks) each month while competing across MAM sites. MAM coaches encourage youth to set personal goals and track progress, teaching patience and perseverance until goals are met. Youth enhance social emotional skills, such as self-reflection, self-worth, and confidence in social situations, future outlook, and overall resiliency in completing these challenges. To encourage youth participation, we invite friendly competition by recognizing top performers and the most improved of each challenge throughout the year.

Valentina currently leads MAM overall in the plank challenge, holding a plank for 5:16.

Our goal is to help youth have fun by being physically active with friends after sitting for hours during virtual learning. We hope these challenges bring back some form of normalcy for youth, which should also improve emotional health. Even when we are able to return to our regular sports programming, we plan to continue the fitness challenges to encourage lifelong wellness habits for MAM youth.

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