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Through team sports, youth will inevitably improve their athletic skills, but did you know that team sports also promote character and personal development?

According to Up2Us Sports, research on youth sports demonstrates the following benefits:

  • Development of pro-social behavior
  • Reduced antisocial and criminal behaviors
  • Lower rates of school dropout and delinquent behavior
  • Improvement in moral reasoning
  • Greater attention to sportsmanship
  • Increased personal responsibility
  • Greater adult career achievement

Through our #BiggerThanSports campaign, MAM athletes share what they are learning through team sports.


“Volleyball is teaching me to communicate better.”

Madison, MAM Olivet





“Through basketball, I am learning teamwork and sportsmanship.”

Marvin, MAM Grizzlies Center




“I am learning how to be positive and work as a team.”

Mariah, MAM Bethel LaBelle





“I am learning how to be a team player.”

Dmaceo, MAM Olivet




“Through volleyball, I am learning to encourage others and help them out. I am also building confidence.”

Milah, MAM Leawood





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