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MAM points us in the right direction by teaching us about God.

Harold, 10th grade, MAM Hamilton


I have learned about the importance of Jesus in my life. MAM is a place where I can come and be myself.

Bella, 8th grade, MAM Leawood


During daily devotionals, I learn that Jesus died for our sins.

John, 5th grade, MAM Magnolia


I am learning respect. Also, I usually have low self-esteem, but coach has taught me to believe in myself. I learn about God and my faith.

Kelly, 9th grade, MAM MLK Prep


We get to learn new things about God and the Bible. At literacy, I learn some new vocabulary words that I didn’t learn at school.

Elton, 5th grade, MAM Leawood


I learn not to give up because I can accomplish anything.

Kyla, 8th grade, MAM Bethel LaBelle

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