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My family has been attending MAM for four years now. I have three kids in MAM programs: Reagan (7), Martinez (8), and Justin (11). When I was looking for an after-school program for my kids, I chose MAM because I felt safe here. When we started coming, the coaches were approachable – they always spoke, they always smiled, and it seemed like there was never a sad moment. It was as if everything was always happy at MAM. My kids would come home happy, which made me happy. Overall, I felt like it was safe environment so I didn’t have any worries.

The way Memphis is setup – I had never heard of a program like MAM. Now that we have been here for four years, I still have never heard of another after-school program that is so efficient and organized. Because of MAM, my kids experience new opportunities – things they will always remember they did at MAM first. Whether it is a field trip, sporting event, classroom activity or friendship – they wouldn’t have experienced it if MAM wasn’t here. Without MAM, my kids would probably simply be sitting at home. But, to have a place where they can learn and have fun – there’s nothing else like it!

Here at MAM, it’s like every day is a memory. Reagan comes home every day and tells me what the coaches did that day. She tells me what she learned and the new Bible lesson she heard. The Bible verses are probably the most memorable thing, for me, about MAM. Reagan will be sitting in church and here a scripture and excitedly say, “I heard that at MAM before, mom!” It’s hard for me to teach everything to my kids but if I can’t, MAM helps me out. Because of MAM, Reagan really has blossomed – she is more spontaneous, willing to try new things and is not scared of anything.

My eleven-year-old has been in a big transition time of life. He lost his father about three years ago, right after we started coming to MAM. The coaches came into his life and just supported him like father figures. They helped, nurtured and encouraged him. It is rare to find a lot of motivating environments these days. For a while, Justin actually had to attend a behavioral school due to poor conduct. During that hard time, there was a coach at MAM who mentored him through that whole transition, and now Justin is making all E’s (for excellent behavior) in conduct! Now, every time he needs something, he goes to his MAM coaches for help and advice. With that said, it helped our whole family during that time! Of course, that time was still incredibly hard, but MAM made it a lot easier.

I have a peace about my kids being at MAM. It feels like a second home. The coaches here don’t see any of the kids as any different. They are all treated equally. Everyone knows everyone here. Sometimes I see my kids out on the basketball court playing games and I just looks so fun I think, “can I come to MAM too?!” I cannot thank this program enough for their help and support. MAM is the bomb!

I would tell anyone looking for a place to send their kids after-school that it is a very nice place! It is always warm and welcoming when we come to MAM – that is something you don’t find a lot in many programs. Here, it’s as if everyone wants to hug you when you walk in. I have seen such a big difference in my kids since they have been involved at MAM. This year I actually recruited two more children to MAM – my nephew and one of his friends. I hope to bring everyone to MAM!

I love MAM and I definitely look forward to being here until my kids finish school. Until then, we are going to be here every year and every day! I love it. I wouldn’t change it, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Each year it gets better and better, and my kids build even deeper relationships with their coaches. I love it! I wouldn’t trade MAM for the world. It has helped me and my family a whole lot.



Parent at MAM Grizzlies Center

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