Danielle currently serves as a Teacher at MAM Olivet. She is originally from McMinnville, TN, and moved to Memphis five years ago.

Before working at MAM, Danielle attended Union University, pursuing a degree in Physical Education while playing softball. Softball introduced her to a coach who would go on to greatly impact her life. Danielle described herself as “fearful” and “rebellious” before Christ. One day, her coach shared Ephesians 2 with her and reassured her that “all she had to do was put her faith and trust in Christ instead of striving to ‘earn’ her salvation.” This coach began walking alongside her in life and pointing her to the truth of the Gospel. She decided to put put her faith and trust in Christ during her freshman year of college.

Danielle has worked at MAM for a year and a half and has served in various capacities. She began as an Up2Us Coach at the MAM Grizzlies Center. Up2Us is the national leader in engaging, training, and supporting sports coaches to serve as mentors and role models to youth. She then transitioned to being a Part-Time Teacher in the elementary literacy program. She now serves as a Science Teacher at MAM Summer Academy.

Danielle enjoys leading games and teaching students, but her absolute favorite part about working at MAM is forming relationships with students and investing in their lives. She says, “I live my life to invest in kids the way my coach invested in me.”

She is currently pursuing a degree in Christian Studies at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary and hopes to remain in youth ministry.


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