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Not in My Neighborhood Task Force

By March 11, 2016 Comments

Local News, Channel 24, Press Release, March 8, 2016

Tuesday afternoon, City Councilman Berlin Boyd, District 7, is kicking off the Not in My Neighborhood Task Force, with the goal of fighting crime in the Raleigh, Frayser, and North Memphis areas.

The task force will meet at 2:00 pm on Tuesday March 8th in the City Council conference room on the 5th floor of city hall and will be broadcast online from the council’s website.

“In a city with over forty murders in the first two months of the year, nearly two-thirds are happening right here in District 7,” Councilman Boyd emphasized. “We’ve got to bring people together from all parts of the community to fight this problem together. We will make progress.”

Councilman Boyd will be joined by leaders from across the district and city: Interim Police Director Mike Rallings, Steve Lockwood from the Frayser CDC, Quincy Morris from the Klondike/Smokey City CDC, Aquanetta Harris representing the residents of Frayser, Rick Masson and Major Charles Newell representing Operation: Safe Community, Minister Deandre Brown of Lifeline to Success, Randy Odom from Memphis Athletic Ministries, and Thurston Smith from the VA.

“Each of these individuals brings a unique perspective,” added Boyd. “We’re all a piece of the puzzle.”

“What Frayser CDC brings to the table is a focus on blighted properties and how reducing them can help reduce crime,” said Steve Lockwood.

Councilman Boyd described the task force as “a unifying, community-based initiative and effort to prevent, reduce, and ultimately eradicate crime in the Frayser, North Memphis and Raleigh communities. NIMN’s aim is to empower and foster meaningful partnerships between citizens, businesses, churches and law enforcement utilizing strategic planning, technology (i.e. specialized apps, etc.), effective communication, and education to aid in the fight against crime and criminal behavior in our neighborhoods.”