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MAM President & CEO Jonathan Torres will join the transition team for Mayor-Elect Paul Young, serving as a “Supporting Our Youth” Co-chair. The team is comprised of top leaders in business, government, education, and the nonprofit sector.

“Diversity is a defining element of this team,” Young said in a news release. “It was important to pull together the best and brightest people from all neighborhoods and all facets of our community. Our business sector, civic, nonprofit, and community organizations are all represented in this team, and we look forward to adding more.”

Torres says, “It’s an honor and a joy to be able to serve Memphis in any capacity. For 25 years, Memphis Athletic Ministries has served youth and their families across this city through gospel-centered sports and afterschool programs. With this opportunity to serve our Mayor-Elect, Paul Young, we can extend the impact of MAM into every corner of the city through influence and relationships. Impact doesn’t always mean more MAM locations or programs, but this opportunity is to impact Memphis through being a voice for the youth we serve.”

A full list of the transition team is listed below:

People/Appointments Co-Chairs

  • Emily Greer, CEO, Greer Leadership Solutions. Former Chief Administrative Officer, ALSAC/St. Jude
  • David Rudd, former President, University of Memphis
  • Chris Winton, former Chief People Officer, FedEx

Public Safety Co-Chairs

  • Jennifer Collins, President, Rhodes College. Former Assistant US Attorney
  • Sandy Bromley, Deputy Director of Justice Programs, Shelby County Division of Community Services
  • Toney Armstrong, Director of Security, St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Former MPD Director
  • K. Durrell Cowan, Director, Heal 901

Economic Development Co-Chairs

  • Christina McCarter, Owner, Feast & Graze
  • Ted Townsend, President & CEO, Greater Memphis Chamber
  • Jozelle Booker, President and CEO, Mid-South Minority Business Council Continuum

Strong Neighborhoods Co-Chairs

  • Archie Willis, President, ComCap Partners
  • Janet Boscarino, Executive Director, Clean Memphis
  • Regina Blount Williams, Neighborhood Leader

Supporting Our Youth Co-Chairs

  • Jonathan Torres, CEO, Memphis Athletic Ministries
  • Patrice Thomas, Chief of Staff, Memphis Shelby County Schools
  • Sarah Lockridge Steckel, CEO, The Collective Blueprint

Thriving Arts & Culture Co-Chairs

  • Cara Greenstein, VP of Public Engagement, Doug Carpenter & Associates
  • Craig Brewer, Filmmaker
  • George Monger, CEO, Connect Music
  • Rachel Knox, Senior Program Officer, Hyde Family Foundation

Transportation & Infrastructure Co-Chairs

  • Anna McQuiston, Executive Director, Mid-South Development District
  • Courtney McNeal, Chief of Staff, Innovate Memphis
  • Stephen Edwards, Senior Engineer, TREKK Design Group

Good Governance Co-Chairs

  • Cheyenne Johnson, Councilwoman, Memphis City Council
  • Dorcas Young Griffin, Director, Shelby County Community Services
  • Marco McClendon, Mayor, City of West Memphis

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