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The Power of Small Moments

By March 13, 2014No Comments

written by Candace Freeman, MAM Kroc Center Youth Coordinator










I was asked to write this blog a long time ago.  I’m a professional writing major so knocking out a 300 word blog is nothing, but for some reason when it came time to write I drew a blank and I finally realized the reason. I believed that I couldn’t just write any ole blog . . . it had to be the best, most amazing, life-changing work ever put online. It sounds crazy, but isn’t that how we approach ministry sometimes?

We want the great story.  We want the big numbers.  We want the fame and glory that comes with doing awesome work for the Lord. That was me when I started working for Memphis Athletic Ministries.

I dreamed of giving the most amazing devotional and having a 100 kids accept Christ as the result. I’ve worked for MAM for almost 5 years now and I’ve yet to lead that amazing devotional. Instead, I have talked to girls while driving them home, invited girls over to have dinner, gone to school events, taken girls to church and given hugs. Those moments seem small to me, but it’s been through those little things that I’ve seen girls’ lives change.

I’ve seen the toughest girls break down and cry because I was the first person to tell them they’re loved. I’ve seen girls who never cared about school start studying and doing homework because they knew I was going to ask how school was going.

Words and actions that seem so inconsequential loom large with the kids. I have come to realize it’s not through the great and lofty speeches, but through showing people that you love and care for them that lives are changed.

Small moments have the power to change a life.

Those are the real life changers.  That’s what Jesus did for the woman at the well, for the countless sick and lame, and for his disciples. Sometimes if we would just focus on being more intentional in the small things, big things would happen. Maybe one day I will have that amazing devotional or write the best blog post ever or maybe not. Regardless, I’ll keep doing the little things that matter so much.

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