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Session 1

Space Jam
June 5 – June 16
Your child will learn more about our universe, have the opportunity to create and test a Mars rover, make s’mores with their handmade solar ovens, and make their own constellation.

Session 2

Go-Getters and Money-Makers
June 20 – June 30
During this session, middle school youth will learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur, learn skills critical to operating a business, and operate their own pop-up concession stand. Elementary youth will learn about saving money, simple budgeting, and practice counting money.

Session 3

Shark Tank
July 5 – July 14
Every child during this session will work on their own or in a group to create their own invention. They will then compete with their peers to pitch their invention as the “next big thing” to try to earn funding for their invention.
MAM will host three 2-week camps this summer at MAM Olivet (4450 Knight Arnold Rd). Each camp will include academic enrichment time, recreation activities, Bible study, and field trips.

One session – $20
Two sessions – $40
All three sessions – $50
(+ the cost of field trips)