MAM Winter League

Boys Winter Basketball: Nov 4 – Feb 10

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Cost: $350 per team

Registration deadline: Fri, Oct 27th

Games are played on Saturdays

Guaranteed 8 games

Top 4 teams participate in division playoffs

Grade based Divisions :

5th / 6th Grade

7th / 8th Grade

9th / 10th Grade

11th / 12th Grade


MAM organizes and administers two seasons (winter and spring) of community basketball for boys, grades 5th through 12th. Since the inception of MAM community basketball leagues in 2001, sports continue to be the key element in accomplishing our community unification goal. Our basketball program bridges geographic, cultural, and socio-economic differences by offering a high-quality athletic program to all youth with games scheduled in urban and suburban Memphis. At MAM, we strive to provide a fun, safe, and loving atmosphere at every game by adhering to the following regulations:

  1. Participants are greeted as they enter the building.
  2. Pre-game devotionals and prayer are conducted.
  3. Clear behavior standards are announced to the fans.
  4. Post game prayers are conducted.
  5. A MAM staff member is present at all times during the competition to enforce these standards.

Basketball Contact Information

Kevin Windsor

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