MAM Basketball League – Winter League Schedule


MAM organizes and administers three seasons (winter, spring, and fall) of community basketball for boys and girls, ages six to 18. Since the inception of MAM community basketball leagues in 2001, sports continue to be the key element in accomplishing our community unification goal. Our basketball program bridges geographic, cultural, and socio-economic differences by offering a high quality athletic program to all youth with games scheduled in urban and suburban Memphis. Prior to MAM’s community sports leagues, there were no sports activities that reflected the county-wide cultural mix, as Memphis recreational sports activities were traditionally neighborhood-based. MAM has successfully combined all racial groups in Shelby County to participate in youth sports together. One important component in changing perceptions of people who are traveling to non-traditional neighborhoods is to provide a friendly atmosphere in conjunction with the games. At MAM, we strive to provide a fun, safe, and loving atmosphere at every game in every sport: 1) participants are greeted as they enter the building; 2) pre-game devotionals and prayer are conducted; 3) clear behavior standards are announced to the fans; 4) post game prayers are also conducted and 5) a MAM staff member is present at all times during the competition to enforce the standards.

MAM Christmas Classic Tournament

Started in 1991 by Dr. Larry Edwards, a physical education instructor at the University of Memphis, the tournament was created to build community awareness among various areas of Memphis, both urban and suburban. In 1995, Dr. Carl Flinn, a pediatric ophthalmologist, became involved and the tournament was named the Peepers Optical Tournament after his practice. Renamed the MAM Christmas Classic in 2004, the tournament has 150 to 200 recreational, church and school teams for boys and girls ages 8, 10, 12 and middle school under participating every year. Games are played at various urban and suburban locations throughout the county. The MAM Classic is not only our largest fundraiser each year, but is also a Memphis tradition in the world of local youth sporting events. To get complete Christmas Classic Information click here