Christmas Store

The annual MAM Christmas Store serves to help our families prepare for their Christmas celebration! Selected parents and guardians shop at Target, alongside our staff, to provide their kids with a wonderful, fun and very memorable Christmas! Participants receive a gift card for their kids, ultimately giving them the dignity and joy of choosing the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Additionally, participants will receive a gift basket filled with household items and Bibles, enjoy a warm meal, and most importantly hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This tradition has proven to be an incredibly joyful, God-honoring day!

This year the event will be held on December 7, 2021. Our hope is to serve more than 100 MAM children this Christmas.


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“I can’t describe it! God is so good! It was crazy when I had found out – I had to put the phone down and be like ‘God is good! God is good!!’ I didn’t know whether or not to cry… I was happy, really happy.”

“When I first was told, I was crying… it’s a blessing, like a dream come true. It made my Christmas merry. At the beginning of February I lost everything. My son fell asleep cooking some hotdogs – set everything on fire.”

Your contribution of $10, $50, $100 or more will help us serve more children!

Contributions would be appreciated by Friday, December 3rd.