About Bethel LaBelle

This gym serves the Bethel Grove and Orange Mound communities. It is a unique area considering all the rich traditions of Orange Mound. This area has a strong family bond which can be felt at our gym. We offer many different programs at Bethel including: basketball, volleyball, and academic enrichment. We primarily serve Sherwood Middle and Melrose High. At Bethel, we are very involved with the schools and attend many of their events in order to grow deeper in relationship with our youth and the faculty of the schools.

Rendon Bradley

Neighborhood Director
(901) 581-1029

BJ Wade
Youth Coordinator

LaTisha Henderson
Youth Coordinator

Programs at the Bethel LaBelle

  • Boy’s Basketball
  • Girl’s Basketball
  • Girl’s Volleyball
  • Boy’s Baseball
  • Flag Football
  • Literacy Program

Ages at the Bethel LaBelle

  • Middle School
  • High School

2698 Larose Avenue, Memphis, TN 38114

Bethel LaBelle is open from 2:30pm to 7:30pm