At MAM, we never imagined having children sit at desks in our sites with their faces half covered while looking at a screen all day long. Last school year was unimaginably difficult with virtual learning and COVID restrictions limiting our interactions. Throughout the pandemic, MAM has become extremely aware of the value of our after-school programs for the 2,000+ youth we serve every year. One of the most important things we provide for our students is physical activity and athletics. As restrictions are beginning to lift across the country, we are excited to get back to sports. Our youth are ready to run, jump, and sprint across every basketball court and field in the city! The sounds of balls bouncing and basketball shoes squeaking on the court are starting to fill our sites. The smiles of kids are able to be enjoyed as masks requirements dwindle. Our MAM coaches are ready to get their whistles out and get our kids back in game-day shape. Our MAM coaches are ready to use the sports we play to teach life lessons and share wisdom with our athletes, so we can prepare them for life. Most importantly, our MAM coaches are ready to sit with their teams and dive into gospel-centered conversations where kids can hear more about Jesus. We are excited to return to sports and regular MAM programming this fall. Please joinย us in praying for the kids and praying for our staff.

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