As we entered the quarantine, we asked ourselves how we could stay connected to our kids, serve their families, and introduce more people to MAM. One answer came in the form of weekly mobile food events. We’ve been honored to serve 5,000 families at 13 food events starting March 27 when we received support from former University of Memphis and NBA star Elliot Perry and new Memphis Grizzlies star Justise Winslow.

We wanted to understand how the families we served at the food events were feeling during this uncertain time. So we decided to ask them. We surveyed 1,000 families and got more than 700 responses. Here’s what we learned:

  • 34% say their kids haven’t been able to keep up with their schoolwork, with 86% of those families saying the problem is they don’t have the technology they need
  • 66% say their kids may need help learning over the summer
  • 80% say their kids need a safe place to stay while adults in the family are at work
  • 89% say they will complete the 2020 Census
  • 73% say they think everyone who wants to work will be able to find a job after the quarantine
  • 90% understand the symptoms of COVID-19
  • 65% of families with someone who has exhibited COVID-19 symptoms say that person has not been tested, mainly because of a lack of insurance
  • The greatest needs the families anticipate after the quarantine are food, jobs, money to pay bills – particularly utilities – and supplies related to health and safety

Serving food isn’t MAM’s mission, of course, but we are uniquely qualified to help with some of these concerns. We are excited to be returning soon to what our ministry is centered on: coaching, growing and leading young people in high-needs neighborhoods across Memphis. We thank you for your support and prayers.

Kim Cherry

Interim MAM President and CEO

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