Meet a MAM Kid

Meet a #MAMkid – William

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William is in the 3rd grade at Berclair Elementary School, and has been attending MAM Leawood for two years.  At school, William really loves his social studies class because he gets to “learn about the United States.”  His dream is to become a police officer one day because they “do the right things,” and encourage others to behave the same way.

While at MAM Leawood, William’s favorite activity has been GrizzFit.  “GrizzFit teaches me to eat broccoli, carrots, and green beans.  I really like the jumping jacks, squats, and ‘in and outs’ that we do,” William explained.

William’s mom is a big advocate for him attending MAM because she likes that he gets “to learn about God” when he is there.  “Umm… Jesus is God’s son, it took seven days for him to make everything like earth, water, sun, animals, and trees,” William shared what he has been learning at MAM.

William concluded his interview by saying: “I love God and one another and I want the world to know!”  We are so thankful for you, William!  Thank you for sharing!

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