Creating a Ripple – Katherine, Youth Testimony

By November 19, 2015 Comments
Katherine (green shirt) shares the gospel with her family.

Katherine (green shirt) shares the gospel with her family.

“Do you hear what these children are saying?” they asked him. “Yes,” replied Jesus, “have you never read, “‘from the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise’?” Matthew 21:16

When you throw a single rock into a pond, the impact causes ripples in the water that eventually make it to the banks. The same is true in life.

When you empower a child, you not only affect that child, but it begins a ripple effect from child to home to neighborhood. And when you empower that child with the gospel, a ripple of life-changing truth spreads from child to family to neighborhood, stirring transformation.

Ask Katherine, age 11. She is growing up in the Berclair neighborhood, where an influx of crime has brought fear into her world. Every day after school, along with her sisters and brother, Katherine rides a bus from her school to one of our MAM centers in the heart of her neighborhood.

• Here she finds loving faces that greet her at the door.
• Here she finds caring adults who invest their lives into hers.
• Here she finds the life-changing truth of God’s word taught daily.
• Here she finds hope in what the world would call a hopeless situation.

And as Katherine goes home every night, she takes Biblical truth on her lips to her mother, father, grandmother and other family members who have not heard.

Through God’s goodness, MAM is giving Katherine and hundreds of others just like her an eternal perspective of life that ripples from child to home to neighborhood.

God has given MAM the mission to disciple Katherine, her brother and sisters and other children in the inner city of Memphis, helping them turn seemingly hopeless situations into Christ-centered lives.

Please pray that God will continue to use our presence in eight neighborhoods to turn these ripples into waves of the gospel moving throughout our city.