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Memphis youth voices concerns for community

By October 15, 2014 Comments

WMC Channel 5 10:00 News, October 7, 2014

Mob attacks and other recent youth violence put Memphis in the national spotlight.

Young people themselves pledged Tuesday night to combat it in the first of four meet ups in a series of young empowerment forums.

At one point, all adults were ordered to leave the youth forum so teens could talk candidly about issues they hope to help solve.

Young people wanted a pressure-free discussion.

Former WMC Action News 5 and Today Show “kid reporter” Deidra Shores, who is now a Cordova High School senior, served as a facilitator.

“People my age can come and voice their opinions about things that are going on, that are pertaining to us, that are happening in our community,” she said

Youth-focused forums were planned by the mayor’s office following an adult-oriented meeting last month. Some criticized that meeting for its lack of youth involvement.

“And so this is an opportunity for youth from all over the city to participate in this discussion,” said James Nelson, Memphis Office of Youth Services.

The next forum is Tuesday at Memphis Athletic Ministries. The city encourages interested youth to sign up here.