A Life-Changing Curveball – Rozaland, MAM Staff Testimony

By December 30, 2013 Comments
Rozaland now mentors middle school girls in the same way that she was once mentored.

Rozaland now mentors middle school girls in the same way that she was once mentored.

By Rosemary Barnes, MAM Communications Intern

The heart of man plans it way; but the Lord direct his steps. Proverbs 16:9 

“When I came to MAM, it was like a curveball in my direction.”

That is how Rozaland describes God’s providential intervention in her life. When she begins to explain her dedication to sports (softball, in particular), it is easy to see why she would use that metaphor. Her plan was to excel in sports and academics, get a scholarship and go to any school she wanted, and be financially secure so her mother would not have to pay for anything.

“I was in the 7th grade passing into the 8th, and I had just come to MAM with my sisters and brothers to see what was going on.”

That visit turned into a life changing encounter for Rozaland. “I met Ms. Limone Morales, and she explained MAM’s program to me. And she also loved on me, and loved on me about Christ. That was it.”

Roz says she just kept coming, and starting missing ball practice to come to MAM.  “I figured I needed to come up here for a reason,” she says.

Her priorities changed that 8th grade year, and she did not continue playing sports in school. She focused on MAM and her academics.

Rozaland says a key verse for her is John 3:16. “It was the first scripture that I learned.  I said, ‘Wow,’ in my mind, because I never knew Someone could give their life to save someone’s life. When I was growing up, I did not hear much about that. I knew about Christ growing up, but no one had broken this down to me like Ms. Limone.”

She talks of being saved in her living room alone with God and her encounter with the saving grace of Christ Jesus.

Rozaland is now attending the University of Memphis and works part-time at MAM as a youth coordinator. She talks of having the best of both worlds – working at MAM and working with kids.

Rozaland in her quiet, articulate and confident demeanor sums up her testimony by talking about the faithfulness of God throughout her life with the continual stream of mentors and connections He sends her way.

Thank God for the “curveballs!”