Growing and Growing – Michaella, Youth Testimony

By December 23, 2013 Comments
Michaella says she has been "growing and growing" since she came to MAM.

Michaella says she has been “growing and growing” in her faith since she came to MAM.

“You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You; because he trusts in You.” Isaiah 26:3

Michaella quotes Isaiah 26:3 quickly when asked what her favorite scripture is. As the tall and trim 7th grader who attends Corry Middle School begins to talk about her experiences, one sees two things. Tribulations and trials show no partiality to age, and God’s promises can be appropriated by His babes, as well as His seasoned saints.

Michaella says she has been “growing and growing” since she came to MAM.

She states since she gave her heart to Jesus at MAM, she has been able to deal with things in her life much better. “Coach Stephanie has helped me understand and get closer to God. I pray more and read the Bible more and like going to church.”

She talks lovingly about her sister, Trevontia, who also has a relationship with Jesus. It is obvious that there is a real connection here as she talks about how they talk about the Lord and how her sister helps her.

“I am so much closer to God. I like to come to MAM for the basketball, core group, Ladies SWAG (Saved With Amazing Grace). I really like the one-on-ones with Coach Stephanie, and she has helped me deal with negative things people say about me. Summer camp was great, and my first time for doing anything like that.”

Negative things? Michaella says she has been diagnosed with cataracts in one eye. She says some call her “cock-eyed.” She talks about how she is handling this better and knowing God’s word and what He says about her is what really counts.

Michaella says it has been hard and she is still growing in this area.

“I am learning more about Jesus here at MAM, and more how to ‘stop listening’ and ‘to ignore’ things that are not what God is saying. He loves me.”

There is much seriousness and resolve in her voice as she speaks of these things.

Her heart’s desires. “I want my whole family to know Jesus. I want to be able to talk to all of them about Him – not just my sister. Also, I am praying for my brother to come back to MAM, and for my mother to not have it so hard.”

Michealla says her priorities are to “keep growing at MAM, never stop and never let Jesus go!”

Her future aspirations: teach school, “Math” she says, “and be an actress and a singer.”



  1. Randy O says:

    This is the essence of what MAM is about. Coach Steph does a great job building relationships that are positive and impactful.